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Joan Darc

Nathalie Quintane gets at the myth of Joan of Arc to reveal her double life--warrior on the surface and austere saint underneath.

In June the Labyrinth

Hogue strikes a profound chord in this elliptical sequence; ‘you will not get lost,’ though ‘you will feel lost,’ she explains, as she leads us on a quest for healing, forgiveness, and love.--Wendy Barker


Revenant is “ghost” in French, and in her eighth collection, Revenance, Cynthia Hogue coins a word to consider large questions of life and afterlife.

Or Consequence

The poems in Cynthia Hogue’s collection, Or Consequence, range from meditations on “freedom” to poems crossing cultural and formal boundaries.

The Incognito Body

In the title series meditating on the “gift of illness,” the self wakes up one day to find that her body has been replaced by an “incognito body” in pain.


In the tradition of Dickinson and H.D., Flux opens out into visionary language and the never-ending search for transcendence.

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